Get A Loan

There are two types of loans you can get at Sydney Cash. You can get a pawnbroking loan or you can apply for a Cash Stop loan.

Pawnbroking Loan

Need Instant Cash? Have you considered a loan on your Car or Motorcycle?

  1. Bring an item of value into our store.  Unsure about your item? Why not give us a call?
  2. Our professional staff will evaluate your item. &nbspWe will then offer you a fair and reasonable amount.  How Much Are My Goods Worth?
  3. Present your identification & sign the loan documnetation.  What Identification Do I Need?
  4. Receive your cash.

Some useful information about Pawnbroking Loans:

Unsecured Cash Stop Loan

Unsecured cash loans are from $300 to $2000.  Unsecured cash loans are processed through Cash Stop Financial Services.
Unlike a Pawnbroking Loan, Unsecured loans are subject to an application process and do not require you to leave any goods with us.
Loan approvals generally take about an hour and come with with flexable payment plans.
You receive your cash in your hand the same day.

Why Cash Stop?

Cash Stop has been providing payday advances and other sources of fast cash since 2000. With over 14 years of excellent customer service, you know you can trust Cash Stop to help you when you need us most.

  • Fast & efficient turnaround times from application to approval.
  • Long established, trusted and responsible credit services provider.
  • Access to real people, real help and fast cash when you need it most.
For more information about an unsecured cash loan, do not hesitate to come visit us in store.